Developing a holistic understanding of the business and its drivers

Comprehensive Five-Day Manager Training Workshop for 1st Time Managers (0-5 years in position)

Key Drivers – Collaboration, Evaluations, Learning Transfer, Competencies Development and Confidence using web-based, context-driven production and services industry Simulations

Areas of Emphasis Include: Marketing, Production, Finance, Demand, Competition, Human Resources, Capacity Management, Investments, Service Quality, Pricing and Marketing

Far too often leaders realize that there are individuals in their organization that are being asked to perform in roles they have not had time to teach individuals to fulfill. As a business leader, are you guilty of putting off professional development until… or are you a growing company not yet able to afford a HR team…. or is it a question of finding training that doesn’t waste money and requires a substantial amount of time? As a small to medium-sized organization responsible for service delivery; we understand there is never a perfect time to close your shop and just train. So, allow the Management Academy to help you quickly develop managers so they can help you effectively respond to the ever-changing marketplace.

This is a comprehensive course – for new managers – to develop skills with:

  • Managing Workforce Strategies and Team Performance Outcomes
  • Aligning Interdepartmental Collaborations & Communications
  • Navigating Proactive subordinate, peer and supervisor conversations
  •  Developing Profit & Loss Business “financial basics” (aka acumen) Fundamentals
  • Assessing People, Perceptions and Performance Management Strategies
  • Developing the confidence to skillfully and immediately employ what’s learned

Expected Outcome:

Students will develop a holistic view and command of business operations; market and context driven decision-making practices and the financial implications of various operational and marketing decisions. Additionally, attendees will gain hands-on experience with problem-solving, collaboration and team building.

In this power-packed course, students are introduced to critical competencies that make juggling production management AND people, processes, resources, policies and performance outcomes finally make sense. Emphasis is placed upon the notion that the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCU) surrounding decision making raises the stakes for every decision-maker. In this one-week course, participants will learn to apply targeted, strategic and intentional decision-making techniques that have immediate job applicability. We will also show you where to turn for professional development resources that will continue to cultivate your knowledge, skills and abilities.

In this workshop students will gain extensive knowledge about applied high involvement work practices (HIWP) as well as the principles and practices behind key operating systems.

Who should attend?

This course contains critical, practical information for:

  • Frontline Managers, Supervisors and Assistant Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • High-Performance Employees (HPEs)
  • Newly Promoted Frontline Managers, Supervisors and Assistant Managers

Course Content

The goal of each Management training course offered is for every learner to develop both competencies and attributes that spark change, transformation and empower individuals forward. Building upon the leader attributes from the Founder’s Army training, workplace experiences and academic expertise’s, the Management Academy course content is shaped around four attribute groups: Be, Know, Do and Reflect. Exemplifying the notion that leadership development is cyclic and never-ending making it a lifelong learning process that is essential, critical and a precursor to building exemplary workplaces.


  • Understanding Self-Leadership
  • Balancing Assertiveness & Self Confidence
  • Attending to the Business of Self-Awareness
  • Developing Interpersonal Skills


  • Human Resources Management Fundamentals
  • Anatomy of High-Performance Teams
  • Marketing, Media & Public Relations Literacy
  • Business Acumen Basics – Forecasting, Business Reports, Profit & Loss Statements


  • Developing a Corporate Mindset
  • Delivering Constructive Criticism
  • Hiring Strategies
  • Impacting Outcomes through Performance Management Techniques


  • Body Language, Social & Emotional Intelligence and Communication (Oral & Written) Strategies
  • Business Ethics & Networking Within and Outside the Organization
  • Business Writing
  • Conflict Resolution & Promoting a Safe Workplace