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The success of your organization depends upon both the stability and versatility of your employees. Stability in the sense that employees provide the continuity leaders count on for service delivery, selection and quality of clients; and spontaneity when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service. To achieve these objectives, sometimes things get misaligned and it is difficult to re-create cohesive, collaborative cultures conducive to organizational growth. Such transformation, very often, requires a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. Let the skilled professionals at Impact Consulting & Management help you improve your workforce and keep your company moving forward. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

Is The Problem?

  • Employee Retention?
  • Grant or Program Compliance?
  • Talent Acquisition strategy failing?
  • Building a Management Bench?
  • Creating a Growth Culture?

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Learn More About Our Human Resources Consulting Process

The approach we take is informed by research, changing regulatory and market place conditions. Our solutions aide business leaders in being able to update and refresh critical competencies of team members, drive organizational performance, guide outcomes and exceed our clients’ expectations. Up to this stage, we partner with our clients to create a vision of an organization’s future with services that influence and support everyone’s effort within a team, and then the entire organization.


In today’s economy, research indicates that only organizations who frequently demonstrate the ability to quickly learn how to adapt to their people, processes, policies and performance are destined to remain competitive in the future.


Our solutions focus on predisposing organizations for planned growth strategies by finding new ways to cultivate teams’ talent while strongly assisting the management with the forecast, budgets targets, boosting sales and operational performance, exploiting proficiency, and improving margins.

You might say, it’s a power packed consulting experience aimed at “breakthrough” that effects the companies who need change immediately. We have created it because, results facilitate our ability to help stationary individuals and organizations adapt future strategies and behaviors, environmental conditions, and succeed. We had in mind being able to offer the ultimate consulting experience centered on a new level of self-reflection, strategic analysis, operational flexibility and cultural collaboration measured against business outcomes. WE partner with clients, who understand that doing business as usual is not producing the results of times past. Acknowledging the coming up danger with business as usual, our analysis, research and precision management coaching together creates authentic, engaging and, transformative business practices that produce an immediate return-on-investment (ROI).


We target small and medium-sized businesses, higher educational institutions, and non-profit organizations that manage explosive growth, performance plateaus, or declining opportunities. Such administrations tend to symbolize spaces where individual or team development might not happen to its fullest. Our human resources consulting services allow for growth opportunities at the workplace or at training workshops offered at various locations during the year. In both cases, we work closely with businesses to assist in their evaluation of current state valuations to identify capability gaps between present, future, and planned recommendations necessary to achieve desired business objectives and outcomes. At effect, we collaborate with our clients to evaluate end-to-end organizational design advantages and define future state organization modeling principles and guidelines to maximize effectiveness, stability, and position across an organization. We provide recommendations for future state required capabilities, governance, regulatory compliance, processes, people, and performance metrics to enable change management plans that ensure the effective adoption of organization design changes, improve individual, team, and organization-wide performance and improve margins.


Most organizations will see exceptional improvement very quickly. Predisposing organizations to growth, through the optimization of team members is at the heart of why the Founder – Dr. Wylette Williams – created employment consulting firm. Our practices are stream-lined, hands-on; educational, and embody workplace learning practices. Our Founder has years of experience and a track record of success performing in non-static, production surroundings. Dr. Williams’ ideology is grounded in research, and shaped around the practical application of developing individuals who want to contribute, teams focused on a collective goal, and leadership members who inspire teams to achieve practically defined organizational goals with specific operational outcomes. The model and procedure builds towards a backwards planning program where customer growth and improvements provide the substance that ensures proper course, direction, and results that continually re-develop sustainability.


We believe that one of the major things that distinguish an organization from its competitor is the people. We specialize in human resources transformation, which means that the people – the strategic change of the most important resource of every organization has on its balance sheet! Once objectives are recognized, we assist managers, enhance, and achieve optimal results. Results are directed, synergistic and enhanced around organizational effectiveness qualified by high-end strategic development towards enterprise-wide goals. An action of this type allows business leaders to direct the joint proficiency of experts. Our staff utilizes strategically targeted and holistically accomplished optimizations that halt barriers to empower individuals’ and teams’ planned growth.

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Services Offered

Human Resources Consulting
  • Workforce Readiness
  • Workforce Planning
  • People, Processes, Policies & Performance Outcomes
  • Talent Acquisition, Recruiting and Recruiting Operations Management
  • Sales, Leadership and Production Management

Professional Workshops and Seminars
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • 1st Time Manager/Supervisor Training
  • Middle Manager/Supervisor Workshops
  • Senior Leader/Executive Leadership Coaching

Social Science Research
  • Post-training/transfer assessments
  • Surveys, Focus Groups and Interviews

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