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Wylette Williams

Founder & CEO

Meet the Founder and CEO of Impact Consulting & Management, Inc. and the fearless leader behind our Management Academy: Dr. Wylette Williams! First Sergeant Williams developed her HR management, organizational development, business acumen, and leadership expertise during her 20+ years of active duty with the US Army. Her unique background and passion for business transformation have delivered tangible results, improved workplace behaviors, and significantly increased productivity in both public and private sector organization. She is energetic, articulate, hands-on, and loves getting to the root cause of “business progression stalls” resulting from explosive growth, performance plateaus, or declining opportunities. With her leadership, you will walk away from our Management Academy with the tools and knowledge needed to transform your business from the inside out.




Listed as one of Louisville’s youngest “Movers and Shakers” by Business Journal (of Louisville) in 2016 Jaguar Provo has leveraged his unique childhood as a springboard for the multitude of experiences in his professional career. Graduating with Bachelors of Science in Economics from Georgia State University, Jaguar assumed managerial roles within the YUM brands diversity & inclusion roles. This lead towards a strong portfolio of experience to become a financial & operational analyst. Becoming a scholar of human resource practices, employee relations, managerial/project leadership techniques, Jaguar has dedicated the next phase of his career to embodying the propriety philosophies developed by his mother, Dr. Wylette, CEO & Chairwoman of Impact Collaborative, Inc. As a decorated Eagle Scout and accomplished member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, he has routinely incorporated community service with insatiable work ethic. Financially, Jaguar has experience ranging from MD&A, Accounting managerial work, Analysis & Reporting Stock Exchange and Transfer agencies, Entity tax obligations, bonding and loan management services.